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The key to efficient cutting is selecting the right abrasives for each application. Our materials are continually redesigned for efficiency and safety, making today’s abrasives cut faster, stay cooler while lasting longer than the competition’s.

Calumet Abrasives Products

Our premium cutting wheels are formulated for optimal wheel performance and consistently superior quality. Each wheel is tested in our in-house laboratory for speed, safety, and life expectancy.
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Private Labeling, Packaging, and Shipping

We manufacture your abrasives to our exacting standards before putting your trusted brand name on them. We take care of the packaging so your products are shelf-ready, and distribute your products everywhere they need to go. You enjoy seamless distribution, better profitability, and on-time delivery while providing your customers with solutions they can trust.
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Custom Engineering, Manufacturing, and Consulting

No application is too complex for our engineers. Need special formulations free of specific materials? We can accommodate that. Want a wheel that will outlast your competitors’? Our lab will test a formulation until we achieve the results you need.
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Quality, Testing, and Safety

Our goal is to provide you with a superior, reliable, and long-lasting wheel. Our in-house abrasive cutting laboratory allows us to perform safety and quality testing for every design we create. We test each design to their failure point—a point that is well beyond the operating conditions of the job. We deliver nothing until the wheel’s performance has been successfully and safely demonstrated.
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