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Safety Standards

When it comes to grinding wheels, safety standards always come before any performance abilities. Calumet Abrasives adheres strictly to ANSI B7.1 Standards, otherwise known as the Gold Standard of cutting wheel safety.

Storage & Handling: ANSI B7.1 Section 2

Because most grinding wheel breakages and failures are due to improper storage and handling, we follow ANSI B7.1 standards to ensure:

  • All wheels are carefully handled and packaged to prevent impact during transit.

  • All wheels are stored property to avoid high humidity, freezing temperatures, and/or contact with any liquids and condensation.

  • All wheels are distributed on a first in, first out basis to avoid damage from long storage times.

    Machine: ANSI B7.1 Section 3

    The grinding machine supplies the power to grind; therefore, the power to cause injury. Safe machine conditions are essential to grinding safety.

  • All grinding machines must be equipped with safety guards to protect the user against accidental breakage

  • Grinding machines must supply adequate power to maintain speed under normal operating conditions to avoid overheating and excessive pressure.

  • Stationary dry grinding machines must be properly exhausted.

  • Wheels should never be used in any machine not specifically designed to provide proper operating conditions including spindle speed and pressure of grinding.

    Mounting: ANSI B7.1 Section 6

    Proper mounting and user safety go hand-in-hand. Following all mounting procedures is essential for preventing injury.

  • Every wheel must be closely inspected before mounting to be sure it is free from any damage or defects. The spindle speed of the machine must be checked to be sure it does not exceed the wheel’s maximum operating speed.

  • All surfaces must remain free from debris and any foreign matter.

  • Bushings, blotters, and flanges must all be used following exact specifications.

    Use: ANSI B7.1 Section 9

    It is imperative that proper personal protection equipment (PPE) be used at all times, and operators understand the correct usage of each grinding wheel.

  • Only trained professionals should inspect, mount, maintain, and use grinding wheels and their machines.

  • If breakage should occur, the operator should inspect the wheel and machine to determine the cause of the breakage.

  • Safety guards should always be replaced after mounting wheels and checked before starting the machine

  • All specifications for wet grinding, side grinding, and lubrication must be followed at all times.
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